Branch SMC Member Allocations

There is nothing quite like personal contact to make you feel that you are a vital and important part of an organisation.

The following is a list of State Management Committee members that have been allocated the following randomly selected branches.  Their role is that of a mentor, to be available to those branches allocated to them to discuss any matter raised of interest or concern by that branch.   Most of the time, members may have a question about the Association such as how to run meetings, what is expected of them as office bearers, or ideas about fundraising.  Members are always encouraged to firstly seek answers in their written resources such as the Member’s Handbook or the Constitution which supply comprehensive details about all Association activities.    But if your question is more complex, feel free to speak to your SMC Member for clarification or direction.

It is nice to know that you can now develop a rapport and relationship with your allocated SMC member to feel that your voices can be heard at State Management Level.  It is however, important to remember that each SMC Member equally represents ALL branches of the Association and cannot act to promote or favour one branch over another.

Linda Smith:  (Branches 1 to 15)  

Kerry Borgas:  (Branches 16 to 31)  

Delyse Ward:  (Branches 32 to 48)  

Elaine Johnson:  (Branches 49 to 65)  

Lois Jones:  (Branches 66 to 68, 70 to 78, 123, 138, 139)  

Dorothy Crogan: (Branches 79 to 95)  

Anne Radys:  (Branches 96 to 108)  

Pat Bell:  (Branches 69, 109 to 122, 124)

Barbara Boult:  (Branches 125 to 137)