COVID-19 New Bulletin 6/3/20

The Association as a member of the State Welfare Emergency Committee, is being kept informed by the State Government about risks and strategies being worked on in relation to the Corona Virus. We encourage members to go to the HealthyWA website for up to date information about the COVID-19 virus, as media reports appear to vary. The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document is updated regularly.

We also encourage members to practice good hygeine as a key defence against any illness. We have included a handwashing guide from the World Health Organisation which is a handy reference tool you might like to discuss at your next meeting.  We also encourage you to put it up near any handwashing facilities in your building. Don’t forget there is also free access available to the online food safety course – see the Members Only Section of the website.  Click here for:  Clean Hands Against Infection Poster