COVID-19 News Bulletin 3/6/20

Phase 3 – commencing 6 June 2020
We know there are many changes happening very quickly and it is exhausting keeping up with the large amount of information.  We ask that you continue to be patient as we work through this together.

  • Phase 3 will see an increase in the number of people at non-work gatherings and additional businesses will be permitted to reopen.
  • The 4 square metre rule will be revised to 2 square metres per person for all WA venues.
  • Physical distancing, good hygiene and the 2 square metre rule will apply to all activities permitted in Phase 3.

Public gatherings
non-work indoor and outdoor gatherings of up to 100 people per single undivided space, up to 300 people in total per venue over multiple spaces (100/300 rule)
weddings and funerals up to 100 people

The new Phase 3 COVID Safety Plan templates and guidelines have been made available to the public. The main difference is that you can increase your room/hall capacity, but you must still apply physical distancing of 1.5m and good hygiene practices.

Link to new Phase 3 COVID Branch Safety Plan template for completion:

Do I need to complete a Phase 3 Safety Plan if I have already done a Phase 2 plan?
Yes.  It should not take too long to fill in another form and adapt it to the 2 square metre rule.  It is important that the correct form is displayed at your premises.

What if my branch holds its meetings in a rented hall/room?
In this case, your branch does not have to complete a Safety Plan but should follow the plan as prepared by the venue.  Members should be aware to keep the 1.5 metre social distancing rule and maintain strict hygiene protocols.

AHA Hospitality & Tourism COVID-19 Hygiene Course (Tier 1)
The WA State Government mandated that as a condition of re-opening, hospitality businesses must have all everyone trained in the Tier 1 Hospitality Hygiene Course.  The Association therefore concluded that as a minimum, members should do this training prior to re-opening their branches.  It is free of charge.

  • At least one member of your branch should do the course.  (The AHA stands for the Australian Hotels Association which is working in partnership with the WA Government during this time).
  • At the conclusion of the on-line training and if you have passed the modules, you will receive a certificate of completion which will be emailed to you.  You will need to upload your driver’s licence for proof of identity.
  • The qualified member (or members) can then oversee branch activities to ensure that COVID procedures and protocols are being observed.

Link to the training course: 

You will note when you are in the AHA website that they also refer to a Hygiene Officer Course (Tier 2).  This incorporates the Tier 1 course information and builds on this knowledge with additional material.  This is not compulsory but if your members are keen to do this course, we encourage them to do so.

What if I don’t have access to a computer to do this training? 
Please contact Marguerite at State Office on 9321 6041 for further assistance.

Attendance Register
Some branches were having difficulty with editing the Attendance Register and so we have made it easier to use.  Please click on this link which will download the form at the bottom of your screen:

Is CWA House open yet?
CWA House remains closed to the public, but we are open by appointment. We have been able to have some of our committee members visit in small groups to progress urgent business. We have just granted permission for our evening branches to return for meetings, subject to COVID Safety Plan adherence. To open our doors and allow branches/groups to meet in office hours, we need to install a safety screen at reception and some additional paper towel dispensers, and then we will be ready to go. We are currently waiting on a second quote for the screen, and hope to be able to fully re-open within the next 2-3 weeks.