Join the Education Cuts Perth Rally by Moora Shire Council on Tuesday 13 March

The Moora Shire Council working in conjunction with the Moora Chamber of Commerce decided at a public meeting to march to Parliament House on Tuesday 13th March to protest against the closure of the Moora Residential College.


  • Meet at the east end of Langley Park at 10.00 am (ensure you arrange your own parking before 10.00 am.)
  • Shuttle buses will leave at approx 11.00am to travel to Spring Street for the walk to Parliament House.
  • Alternatively, meet at Parliament House at  Speakers will commence at 11.30 am on steps of Parliament House.

CWA of WA members are invited to attend, and the Moora Shire Council is more than happy for CWA of WA members to carry banners supporting the Agricultural Colleges and Camp Schools as well as the Residential college.  They are encouraging EVERYONE to attend – students, parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, community members and business people.  As the signage is red and white, you may want to dress in these colours as well,

Whether you’re in Moora or not, make it your business to be there.  It’s time to show this Government we are not going away, time to make A LOT OF NOISE – again!