Scrap GST on Women’s Sanitary Products

The following decisions represent some of the successful motions that were passed at the recent 94th State Conference of the Country Women’s Association of Western Australia:

Motion 9:  KOORDA BRANCH:   Preamble:  Because 1 in 4  people over 80 years of age have some form of memory loss, and many of them are our hardest working members of our communities, it is moved that:  “The CWA of WA (Inc) State Fundraiser for 2018-2019 be for The Australian Alzheimer’s Research Foundation, less the Association’s required 10% of funds raised for administration purposes.”

Motion 23:  BROOKTON BRANCH: Preamble:  Because the State Government has signalled it will cut Community Resource Centre (CRC) funding for 2019/2020 by almost 40% which will equate to a reduction in funding from $13 million to $8 million, resulting in job losses, reduced hours and wages and significantly impacting services to rural communities, it is moved that:  “CWA of WA (Inc) urge the State Government to reconsider any reduction of funding to the 105 Community Resource Centres (CRCs) throughout Western Australia.

Motion 24:  BULLSBROOK & DISTRICTS BRANCH:  Preamble:  Since the introduction of Goods and Services Tax in Australia, GST has applied to the cost of sanitary pads and tampons which were not included in the list of GST exempt health goods and it is believed these items are essential to the health and well-being of all menstruating females, it is moved that:  “The Country Women’s Association of Western Australia (Inc) request the Federal Government to amend the list of GST exempt health goods to include sanitary pads and tampons.”

Motion 25:  BULLSBROOK & DISTRICTS BRANCH: Preamble:  Because the State Government has announced funding cuts to community kindergartens with less than 16 children enrolled in 2019 and in order to protect kindergartens in less populated communities which may find it difficult to attract the required quota of children thus causing premature closure of some valued rural and remote services, it is moved that: “CWA of WA (Inc) request the Western Australian Government to reverse the decision to require increased enrolment at Community Kindergartens to 16 or more children from 2019 to ensure continued eligibility for operational and staff funding.”

Motion 27:  ESPERANCE BAY & DISTRICTS BRANCH:  Preamble:  Due to high number of trucks and caravans on the South Coast Highway and limited opportunities to overtake within 50km of the town of Esperance, it is moved that:  “CWA of WA (Inc) write to Main Roads Western Australia requesting the addition of overtaking lanes on South Coast Highway between the Esperance townsite and Cascades Road.”

Motion 30:  STATE MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE: Preamble: Under current complex Medicare rules, two or more ultrasounds or similar imaging tests cannot be performed on the same day by the same provider unless the patient is prepared to pay a large out-of-pocket gap fee.  This proves costly, inconvenient and stressful particularly to rural people who may need to travel long distances to a medical facility.  Therefore, it is moved that:  CWA of WA (Inc.) urge the Federal Government to change the Medicare ruling regarding multiple medical imaging tests on the same day, to have all completed on the one day (where medically appropriate) and still receive a full Medicare rebate.”