Statewide Fundraising 2018/19

At the CWA of WA 94th State Conference last month, members agreed with the State Fundraiser for 2018-2019 be for The Australian Alzheimer’s Research Foundation (less the Association’s required 10% of funds raised for administration purposes).


Dementia is the leading cause of death among women in Australia.

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia, accounting for around two-thirds of dementia cases. It causes a gradual decline in cognitive abilities, often beginning with memory loss.

The Australian Alzheimer’s Research Foundation is delighted to have been chosen to be the recipient of CWA’s 2018/19 fundraising program. “We are truly thrilled! Thank you.  We are eager to make our vision – a world in which Alzheimer’s disease no longer exists – a reality.”

To find out more about the important work of this foundation and to inform your branch for State fundraising work in 2018/19, go to: