Assistance – Education Scholarships

CWA Secondary and Tertiary Bursaries

Members’ children and grandchildren are eligible for CWA Secondary Bursaries which are awarded annually.  CWA Tertiary Bursaries are open to all students and also awarded annually. The main criteria are financial need, civic awareness and student endeavour and applications are made through a CWA branch, closing at CWA Head Office by 30 September each year. Supporting material is required with each application. These are funded from the CWA Sir James Mitchell Education and Welfare Fund.

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CWA Secondary Bursary

CWA Tertiary Bursary

CWA Member Bursary

Up to $2000 is available each year to assist a CWA member of at least five years to take on tertiary study. Bursaries are awarded to members who can demonstrate how the course will benefit the member, CWA and the community with financial need being a major criteria.

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CWA Bursary for Members

CWA / CTA Henderson Field Scholarship (for WA Rural Nurses)

Two not-for-profit organisations with a total of 213 years of service to the Western Australian community, have joined forces to provide a new educational scholarship for rural nurses in this State.

The Country Women’s Association of WA (CWA) together with the Commercial Travellers’ Association of WA (CTA) have established the CWA / CTA Henderson Field Scholarship which is designed to encourage further nursing skills training, particularly involving the care of children, for the benefit of rural, regional and remote communities.

Funds amounting to $100,000 will be gifted by the Commercial Travellers’ Association of WA and provided to the Country Women’s Association of WA who will manage the funds and selection process.

“We are encouraging rural nurses to apply for a scholarship to access short or long courses, depending upon their need”, said Mrs Heather Allen, State President of the CWA of WA.

“Communities outside the metropolitan area traditionally suffer from a lack of full-time qualified medical personnel.  The CWA of WA continues to promote and financially support, rural medical and dental students to train and qualify and return to their local communities to practice.  This generous scholarship has enabled an extension of this assistance to rural nurses throughout WA.”

“Small communities also find it difficult to access care for new mothers and post-natal follow-up because local nurses may not have expertise in that area.  This scholarship is designed to encourage nurses to undertake further skills training in paediatrics or other specialities for the benefit families in these rural communities.  School and community nurses may also wish to apply for a scholarship to upgrade their skills to offer more comprehensive services to their clients.  We are happy to consider all applications”, said Mrs Allen.

Both the Country Women’s Association of WA and the Commercial Travellers’ Association of WA mirror similar objectives in improving the wellbeing of communities in the State.

The Commercial Travellers’ Association of WA was established in 1896 and shaped the State’s commercial, business and political fabric for over 120 years.  It represented commercial salesman who travelled throughout Western Australia calling on businesses to present new products and take orders.  This was how business was conducted before reliable phone services were available.  The Association was very powerful in its time and lobbied Governments to improve conditions of commerce, country road and rail travel, country accommodation and meals.  Funds were established and maintained to support charitable institutions with the Princess Margaret Hospital being the principal beneficiary.  Over the decades as the fledging State grew, the CTA’s programmes and services were taken over by Government departments, private corporations and community groups until the Association “worked itself out of business” according to its State President, Mr Peter Edwards.

The CTA of WA has been keen to use its remaining funds to carry on their philanthropic tradition of improving the health and welfare of children.   They have found a worthy partner in the form of the CWA of WA and have now entrusted their funds for use as an important educational scholarship.

The scholarship is named after Mrs Henderson Field who was the mother of a generous CTA club member, Mr Roy Fields who died in London in 1961.  Mr Fields made a generous bequest so as to provide scholarships for children of the Club and Association members.

For further information, please contact:

Gaynor Mitchell, General Secretary on 9321 6041 or

CWA Rural Medical Scholarship

Beginning in 2008, $10,000 has been granted annually from the CWA State Project Fund to a rural student who would have difficulty in financing his or her medical studies, and has an interest in serving as a GP in the country. This scholarship was most recently awarded to Jessica Ibbeson from Bunbury, who has just graduated. The inaugural scholarship holder is now Dr James Preuss.
Contact the State Office for details and availability.

CWA Rural Dental Scholarship

This is for a rural student who is studying dentistry at UWA and who intends to practice in a rural area. In 2013 the inaugural scholarship was presented to Rachel Abdel- Messih who grew up in Port Hedland.  Contact the State Office for details and availability.

CWA/Muresk Institute Bachelor of Agricultural Business Management Scholarship

This is a new $5,000 perpetual scholarship beginning in 2017 for a first year student enrolled in the above course.   Contact the State Office for details and availability.

Emma Sherrington Bursary

Mrs Emma Sherrington, a great intellect and a longtime member of the Cunderdin Branch was unable to pursue higher education herself but wished to help others achieve their goals.  On her passing, she left a bequest with the interest to be used for a Tertiary Education Scholarship for a male or female rural student studying their first degree at a recognized WA University.  Only one beneficiary can receive the grant at any given time.  CWA administers this bursary. Contact the State Office for details and availability.

The Matthew and Emma Field Memorial Bursary

As a result of a generous donation from Mrs Margaret de Castilla, the Matthew and Emma Field Bursary was established in honour of her parents.  CWA administers this bursary which is available annually for children living within a 200 km radius of Kunnunoppin to attend a secondary or tertiary educational institution and who are entering the first year of living away from home. Applications close 31 October each year at the Association’s Head Office. Contact the State Office for details and availability.