CWA Decades Timeline


1920's - Establishing CWA of WA

The first West Australian regional branch of the Country Women’s Association (CWA) of WA was set up in Nungarin, in July1924 and it is still operating today, followed by quickly followed by Metropolitan, Bolgart and Benjaberring.


1930's - Compassionate hearts during Great Depression

The Depression years had a disastrous impact on primary industries, creating poverty in rural regions. CWA of WA provided relief to struggling families through fundraising and in-kind donations.


1940's - The War Effort

World War II demanded significant levels of fundraising and service by CWA of WA for servicemen on-the-front and families on the land. It also gave way to female representation on national committees


1950's - Population Growth in metropolitan and regional centres

WA faced a decline of rural farming families, who moved to metropolitan and regional centres. This was partly caused by farming mechanisation and an increase of car ownership and sealed roads.


1960's - Vision of a Memorial for Pioneering Women of Western Australia

The Pioneer Women’s Memorial at Kings Park opened in 1968, following six years of vision, planning and significant fundraising by the CWA of WA.


1970's - Support for vulnerable citizens

CWA of WA advocacy for the vulnerable continued, launching education programs for aboriginals, building residential units for older Australians and purchasing education vehicles for rural schools.


1980's - Awards, Recognition and Rural Advocacy

As CWA celebrated entering Hall of Fame recognition for outstanding community service, members continued to lend-a-hand and advocate in support of the rural economic recession.


1990's - Encouraging education and professional skills in the regions

CWA of WA launched Youth Leadership courses 1996, aimed to develop friends, confidence and skills of teamwork, over-coming challenges and leadership of like-minded youth.


2000's - Administration support for national aide continues

State and Federal Governments have repeatedly connected with CWA of WA for opinion, advice, administration skills and the gift of time, during times of emergency and distress.


2010's - Advocacy continues for the regions

CWA rallied on the steps of Parliament House, in possibly the most public display of historical support, to overturn Government decisions that were negatively impacting rural families.