Our Message from our State President

Mrs Anne Gething

32nd State President of the Country Women's Associaton of Western Australia

"It is a great honour to lead the Country Women’s Association of Western Australia as we embark on the 100th year of establishment.

The affectionately known CWA of WA, is celebrating one hundred years of activity by women, who have been living, loving and working together in metropolitan, rural and remote communities.  
Our story is a wonderful tapestry of loyalty, care and resilience.

I am frequently stopped by members of the public, to indulge in a story of reminiscence, how the CWA has made a positive impact in their lives.  As the 32nd President, I stand on the shoulders of predecessors who have empowered women to get-involved, to path a voice for policy change, to deliver an essential service and sometimes simply to offer a cuppa tea and a place to unwind.

I encourage readers to click through the Centenary features on our website, including the history pages and stories of important women. Throughout the features there are many examples of initiative, hard work, companionship and service which I’m sure readers will appreciate. 

I wish all the members a Happy 100th Birthday and I invite our readers to visit a CWA Centenary event in 2024."