In Western Australia

The CWA of WA works with government, organisations and businesses of the day to advocate for change without political bias. 

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  • (2023) Teacher shortage in country schools:  Urging the State Government to reclassify hard-to-staff schools, particularly when a significant distance from Perth, to 'remote' status so that the hiring of teachers and their subsequent retention can be significantly improved.
  • (2023) Reintroduce the requirement for teachers to serve a minimum of two (2) years in a country school enabling eventual permanency of employment with the Department of Education rather than this status being attached to one school.  At the conclusion of this time, and if they wish, teachers can then seek employment in any State School ultimately providing a better and more diverse rotation of teachers around the State.

Health and Wellbeing

  • Urged the State Government to provide funding for all meals for one parent or guardian, in addition to meals for the patient, at Perth Children’s Hospital, for all admissions.
  • Requested the Government of Western Australia review the Patient Assisted Travel (PATS) payment to be more in line with the cost of accommodation and travel for patients travelling for treatment.
  • Requested the Government of Western Australia to make radiation therapy available in major regional centres.
  • Urged the Federal Government to change the Medicare ruling regarding multiple medical imaging tests on the same day, to have all completed on the one day (where medically appropriate) and still receive a full Medicare rebate. 
  • Requested the Government of Western Australia introduce a bill to legalise assisted dying in Western Australia, to be carried out with strong safeguards and protections to patients, healthcare professionals and families.
  • Requested the Federal Government to amend the list of GST exempt health goods to include sanitary pads and tampons.

Family and Community

  • (2022) Working with Grandparents Rearing Granchildren to improve the reach of services to this under-represented group and provide ongoing support and friendship. 
  • Urged the State Government of Western Australia to increase the Boarding Away from Home Allowance to $3,500 per annum per child that is eligible to claim the allowance, commencing in 2021.
  • Urged the State and Federal Governments to ban the airing of gambling advertisements on television between the hours of 4.00pm to 9.00pm.
  • Requested the Federal Government to legislate to allow a parent who is taking time from work to raise children, to request their superannuation be exempt from fees and charges until they resume work.
  • Urged the State Government to reconsider any reduction of funding to the 105 Community Resource Centres (CRCs) throughout Western Australia.  


  • Requested the West Australian Department of Communities investigate the improved provision of public housing tailored specifically for women over the age of 60.

Economic and Regulatory Issues

  • Advocated to the Federal Government that within society, there is a definite need for cash to remain as legal tender in Australia.
  • Advocated to the Federal Minister for Finance and Federal Minister for Communications to give priority approval to regional and rural Australia Post Offices that make application for passport photographic facilities.

Road and Rail Safety

  • (Current) Advocating for the improvement of train lighting and passive level crossing safety around Australia.
  • (2023) Requesting the Government of Western Australia accelerate the rollout of life saving road treatments on rural and regional roads over the next 5 years.
  • (2022) Requesting the Government of Western Australia to upgrade the road system between Perth and Albany with the provision of a double-lane highway over the next ten years.
  • (2022) Requesting the Government of Western Australia reinstate the passenger train service between Perth and Albany as soon as possible by developing and renewing the existing train line currently being used by freight services to provide both express services between Perth and Albany as well as services which stop at rural stations.
  • Requested Main Roads review the placement of speed limit signs so that the speed limit does not change frequently over a short distance.
  • Requested the State Government legislate the use of headlights on vehicles at all times both day and night.
  • Requested that Roadwise encourage cyclists to wear high visibility clothing while riding bicycles on reads, both in metropolitan areas and country roads.
  • Requested the Australian Department of Immigration to change the process of application for an International Driving Permit (IDP) for use in Australia by requiring applicants to pass an online Australian Driving Theory Test.
  • Requested Main Roads Western Australia to add overtaking lanes on South Coast Highway between the Esperance townsite and Cascades Road. 
  • Recommended Main Roads and local Shires paint arrows spasmodically throughout the rural roads to remind drivers on which side of the road they should be driving.  
  • Recommended to Main Roads that black spot areas have solar panel roadside phones. 

Farm Safety and Protection

  • Requested a review of Government legislation to introduce tougher penalties for rural theft, damage and trespass. 

Environmental Issues

  • (2022) Adopted and now advocating for Owl Friendly principles and practices, given the inherent dangers to wildlife, companion animals and working animals of the use of Second-Generation Anticoagulant Rodenticides (SGARs) and viable alternatives to SGARs in effective pest management. 
  • Requested Local, State and Federal Governments ban plastic shopping bags and the releasing of balloons at events which end up entering our waterways and wilderness.  
  • Requested the Government of Western Australia to enact legislation to ban unconventional onshore gas mining and exploration processes to access gas trapped in tight sand and shale in Western Australia.  


  • Urged Western Power to increase aeriel washing of power poles and lines in rural and regional areas to reduce the risk of pole top fires.
  • Urged Western Power to increase the budget allocation for the maintenance of power infrastructure in the rural and regional areas of WA, to reduce the risk of pole top fires.
  • Recommended the Federal Government encourage the use of solar power by telecommunication providers to ensure service provision during mains power outages for both landline and mobile networks in rural and regional areas of WA.
  • Urged the State and Federal governments to prioritise the improvement of reliable Internet services to rural areas in WA.

Funding Ambulance Services in WA

(2022) The CWA was concerned at the cost to users of the ambulance service in Western Australia as well as inadequate funding provided to ambulance subcentres in regional Western Australia.

The CWA asked the Parliament of Western Australia Legislative Council (through a petition with over 4,000 signatures) to support measures which would:

  • Ensure ambulance services are made free at the point of use for all Western Australian residents; and
  • Guarantee regional ambulance subcentres are appropriately funded and resourced to meet the needs of their communities. 

The Association commended the CWA Bullsbrook and Districts Branch for their research of the issues facing local ambulance services throughout WA which resulted in this advocacy campaign. 

Foot and Mouth Disease

(2022) At the Association's 98th State Conference in Gingin, WA, delegates unanimously agreed on the following special motion:

That representations be made to Government expressing concern for all facets of the livestock industry in light of the danger of Foot and Mouth Disease entering Australia and to urgently address biosecurity issues and the education of the WA community to be aware of and compliant with, biosecurity measures being implemented by Government authorities and rural and regional farming businesses. 

In the South Pacific

The CWA of WA is also a full constituent member of the Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW).  This is a world-wide body of rural women’s organisations with approximately nine million members in almost 80 countries with its headquarters in London.  A world conference is held every three years and the CWA of WA sends delegates to attend.

Outside Australia and in support of rural women’s groups in the South Pacific Area of the ACWW of which Australia forms a part, assistance has been given to Timor Leste, Vanuatu, Kiribati, the Solomon Islands, Fiji and Papua New Guinea in the form of direct assistance from building projects to sewing and educational aids.