We are a proud and active women’s organisation, working to improve the welfare and well-being of people everywhere, especially in country and regional areas. For a quick overview, see THE CWA of WA STORY

In CWA, there will be an interest for all women, of all ages and abilities. Our organisation provides community service, support networks, welfare in times of need, educational opportunities, friendship, fun, and a great deal more. You can do many things under the umbrella of CWA.  There are lots of benefits for you and your community through CWA.

CWA of WA encompasses the entire State, with branches throughout Western Australia, both in metropolitan and rural areas. Here are just some of the activities our Members choose to pursue:

  • Not just tea & scones...

  • the next generation of CWA

  • CWA Belles groups

  • helping rural families in emergency

  • fundraising for the firies

  • ...supporting women & kids in crisis

  • supporting families and volunteers

  • Craft...

  • Easter Bonnets

  • birthday parties

  • choirs

  • playgroups

  • local heroes

  • running youth leadership courses

  • etc.....

Definitely NOT just Tea and Scones!