Click this link for everything you wanted to know about the 12 most asked questions about road rules!

Answers to the 12 most asked road rules questions

  1. Roundabouts
  2. Merging
  3. Mobile Phones
  4. U-Turns
  5. Keeping Left
  6. Uncontrolled Intersections
  7. Crossing Continuous White Lines
  8. Overtaking
  9. Emergency Vehicles
  10. Tailgating
  11. Cyclists
  12. Pedestrians

The Country Women’s Association of Western Australia is proud to partner with the following organisations:

Road Safety Commission of WA

Website Link:  Road Safety Commission WA

The Minister for Road Safety the Hon Michelle Roberts welcomes a new partnership between the Road Safety Commission and the Country Women’s Association of Western Australia (CWA of WA), which will provide a big boost for road safety messaging throughout the state.

Media Release CWA Partners with Road Safety Commission

The Road Safety Commission is responsible for reducing road trauma on WA roads by supporting of the State Government’s road safety strategy Towards Zero 2008-2020 and a Safe System approach to road safety using the principals of Safe Road Use, Safe Roads and Roadsides, Safe Speeds, and Safe Vehicles.  The Commission also strives to improve road safety and reduce road trauma through collaboration with key stakeholders within government agencies, the private sector and the community through community education campaigns and community engagement and grants.

Telstra Corporation Limited

Website Link: Telstra Corporation Limited

At Telstra we’re committed to providing rural and regional communities in Western Australia with the best experiences and technology on Australia’s largest regional mobile network.  We believe it is people who give us purpose, which is why we are proud to partner with CWA of WA. Together we’re building a connected future where everyone can thrive.