Branch Training


Tutors are available to provide training throughout the State on a wide range of topics pertaining to the Association including governance, meeting procedure, leadership, and communication. Training sessions can be organized by contacting the State Office and are open for both members and non-members.

Training days for individual members are also held regularly at State Office.

Example of Training Sessions and Member Activities:


Topic Name

What we want to Achieve

20 minutes How to Run Short Effective Meetings


·         Planning the meeting

·         Setting up and running the meeting

·         Handling difficult members

·         Duties of President, Secretary & Treasurer

30 minutes Motion Writing


·         What makes a good motion

·         Do’s and don’ts

·         How to check existing policy

15 minutes OHS


·         What is OHS

·         Where does it fit in CWA

·         Insurance

·         Identify areas of concern in our activities

15 minutes Fun & Games

3x 5 minute activities throughout the day

·         Describe why we need fun

·         Identify where do we find these activities

·         Develop a way to have fun in your branch

40 minutes Spice up your Branch


·         Identify what makes branches satisfying

·         How we adapt to change

·         Where do we get new ideas

20 minutes Working Together


·         Describe elements that cause conflict

·         Discuss different techniques for managing conflict

·         Identify where conflict may arise

30 minutes What’s happening in CWA


·         Identify communication methods in CWA

·         Review the list of CWA activities

·         Develop a list of communication  tools your branch can use

15 minutes Supporting our Magazine ·         How members can assist the Magazine Editor

·         What makes a good article

30 minutes Speaking in Public ·         Techniques of good public speaking

·         Do’s and don’ts of public speaking

·         Practical Activity

15 minutes From the Community Coordinator ·         Discuss Coordinators role

·         Identify success of recent projects

·         List ways branches can assist the Community Coordinator

15 minutes International Ideas ·         Discuss aspects of the South Pacific

·         Share ideas for the Country of Study

·         List ways branches can assist the International Coordinator

30 minutes Organising Events ·         What is project management?

·         Identify areas that need managing

·         Identify areas where branches need a management plan

·         How to use a management plan

15 minutes Delegation ·         Benefits of delegation

·         Why we don’t delegate

·         List tasks in their role that could be delegated

20 minutes Promoting our Branches ·         Why we need to promote

·         What sort of information should be included

·         Develop a list of ways to promote your branch

Other training modules offered include:

  • Take Up the Challenge Workshop:  This training is designed as an introduction for members who may be considering nomination for State Management Committee positions or for nomination or Expression of Interest in any of the Association’s State Committees or Groups.   The sessions will include a greater understanding of the Association at State Level and its processes and organisation by examining Governance; Role of the State Management Committee (SMC); Decision Making; CWA State Projects; Opportunity for Members to Contribute and Working with Different Personalities.Training is also available:
  • Treasurer Training Workshop:  The training will include the following modules:  Analysis/Cashbook; CWA Financial Year; Branch Reporting; Receipt/Cheque Books; Banking Funds; Petty Cash; Fundraising; Branch Annual Return; Statement of Receipts and Payments; Branch Balance Sheet, Cash Book Reconciliation; Investment Accounts.

To find out more about training sessions for your branch, please contact the State Office on 9321 6041.