Jubilee Grant & Loan

CWA of WA’s 50th year, the Golden Jubilee, was celebrated in 1974. Statewide fundraising for this year reached over $100,000, and members voted through State Conference that this was to be set aside in a special fund – the Jubilee Fund – to be used for the future maintenance of Branch buildings. This fund is still in operation for this purpose today, and helping branches in need.

The Jubilee Fund is used to provide grants and / or interest free loans to branches, to assist with maintenance of their CWA Centres.  Branches may submit a written request to the State Management Committee for consideration at any time throughout the year.

See Members/Forms and Policies to download the application form.

Mundaring CWA Hall
Mundaring CWA Hall
Tambellup CWA Hall
Witchcliffe CWA Hall
Mount Barker CWA
Narrogin CWA Hall