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Police Remembrance Day 2021 – Blue Poppies

These are required by the Police Heritage Department for the memorial of police officers who have taken their life or have been killed on duty and those who have now passed on. The poppies need to be made by July 2021 as members of Police Heritage will be sewing on the buttons which are from police uniform jackets. The service is at the Joondalup Police Academy in September. All police stations will take delivery of the poppies and transfer them on to Perth.  All poppies can be any shade of blue (but not acqua).  If you have any khaki, then a few of those for the Nor Westers.

They are to be firm not floppy and if possible 5 petals. They should be no more than 7cm in diameter. The button will be sewn in the centre then they are attached to retic sticks with fasteners at the back. If you have any good suggestions as to what can hold the poppies firm, please share.  The patterns are below:

Instructions BLUE POPPIES POLICE REMEMBRANCE DAY Knitted & Crochet Patterns


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