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Click here for: Membership Application (2021) CWA of WA

If you are seeking friendship, fun and an ability to make positive changes in your community, look no further than the Country Women’s Association of WA.  Please call our State Office on (08) 9321 6041 for a friendly chat with one of our staff, who will be happy to tell you all about what we do, and link you to your nearest branch.

Alternatively, download the above form and send it to the Association’s State Office or send a message to us on our “Contact Us” page. 

Membership of CWA is open to all country and city women who are willing to abide by the rules and work for the aim of the Association. Our aim is to improve the well-being of all people, especially those in country areas by promoting courtesy, co-operation, community effort, ethical standards and the wise use of resources.  We do this by a network of branches throughout the State where members work at local level to help with issues in their communities by coordinating activities, events and fundraising.  Members are provided with an array of opportunities for friendship and education through social and cultural activities including handicraft at local or Association level.  We also work with the Government of the day on issues of concern to benefit the whole community.

The CWA of WA is affiliated with the Associated Countrywomen of the World (ACWW) and also assists communities in the South Pacific area.  

Opportunities for personal and leadership development are many and varied.  CWA members can choose to serve on management committees, be a trainer, an archivist, a researcher, work on international affairs or simply be a valued member of a branch.  You can even develop or expand your handicraft and cooking skills which are always much in demand.  CWA Members can also apply for bursaries for themselves or their children to further their education.

All members receive regular copies of The Countrywoman of Western Australia magazine throughout the year which maintains communication throughout the Association.  Our annual State Conference in July is an excellent opportunity for members to come together for decision making, networking, and friendship.  Members also receive a discount when staying at CWA holiday homes.  

Associate Membership

Click here for: Membership Application (2021) CWA of WA

If you would like to be a member of Country Women’s Association of WA but are not able to attend Branch meetings, you can become an Associate Member.  Please complete the form above and forward to the State Office.  If an opportunity does arise to attend a branch meeting or attend a CWA activity, Associate Members are always welcomed.

Thinking of Starting a New Branch?

Groups who are thinking of joining the Association, or starting a new branch, should contact the Chief Executive Officer at State Office on 9321 6041 for more information and to organise an induction session. Training and support is available to every CWA Branch, new or existing, at whatever time is suitable.  Please see the Branches section on this website for example of training modules available.