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Mrs Frances Craig MBE, State President of CWA of WA from 1939 to 1944, wrote that the:  “CWA world is dotted with little lights held aloft by its members.  Mostly they are unrecognised, except as lights; no one knows who holds them, but they form one beautiful globe, which lights all the work of the Association with a soft and mellow radiance.” 

The point being made back then still applies today. It doesn’t matter what your role is – whether you support your branch by participating in meetings, by being part of a sewing or craft activity, or by taking on a local or State Office position.  Whatever your contribution, it lights the way for CWA to do its work. 

Because you are important, tell us a little about yourself. We encourage all our members to do so.
Please complete this Member Profile Form (2021), so that the history of our branches, and the people who work in them, can be compiled and retained for future reference.

This information is invaluable in providing details for citations, and for recording the history of the Association.  It will be particularly helpful to the Archives Committee, who are writing our history for the fast-approaching Association’s Centenary.

Members, without you, there would be no history!