What we do

CWA of WA State Office, West perth
CWA of WA State Office, West Perth

Our purpose 
Uniting women and strengthening our communities through friendship, education, service and advocacy.

Our vision
To be a strong, reputable, relevant voice, positively impacting lives and communities.

Our Strategic Objectives

  • Membership

We will grow by demonstrating the value of membership and increasing opportunities for inclusion.

  • Leadership and Services

We will deliver strategic leadership and appropriate support services that meet the needs of current and future members.

  • Advocacy

We will be sought for our views on issues that impact women and families.

  • Financial Performance

We will have the funding model and performance that guarantees our viability and strategic success.

  • Assets

We will develop and protect fit-for-purpose assets.

Since the inception of the Country Women’s Association of WA in 1924, members have established many State operated projects to address current needs.¬† Members support these State projects financially and/or with voluntary service as well as maintaining their own local community events and activities.

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