Archives – Preserving our History

Members volunteer for the Archives Committee, which catalogues and stores the Association’s archival material. Branches are requested to send Minute Books and other branch history items to the committee for safe keeping. We also have an ongoing oral history project,  which has been assisted by grant funding from Lotterywest. Archives may be accessed by contacting the Association’s staff, in the first instance.

Archives next major project is to scan all back-copies of the state magazine, so they are available in digital format. This process will both preserve a valuable historical resource for members, and make it easily available to scholars and other researchers.

  • Baandee rest-room (now located at Mangowine)

    Baandee rest-room (now located at Mangowine)

  • Presentation to outgoing Chairperson of Archives taken this morning at their meeting. Vivienne Rowney and Jocelyn Mitchell.

    Past and Present Chair of Archives: Vivienne Rowney and Jocelyn Mitchell.

  • CWA 90th Anniversary Cake

  • Gaynor in the Archives room at CWA House

  • Busselton Holiday Homes - history record